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Blah Blah... Gay Sex... Blah Blah... Congress

With all the subtlety of an air strike...

Summer (aka: Sums)
What to say that you can't figure out by reading my Lj? I'm a SWF living in SF Bay Area. I'm midway between an only child and the oldest of three girls. The rest of it you need to read my Lj to find out.

A prompt table for my originals!

001.Pain 002.Joy 003.Alone 004.Desperate 005.Greed
006.Faith 007.Cold 008.Stone 009.Sink 010.Story
011.Ghost 012.Control 013.Cursed 014.Message 015.Reason
016.Fallen 017.Brand New Day 018.Unstoppable 019.Mirror 020.Sanctuary
021.Imagination 022.Sympathy 023.Delusional 024.Touch 025.Under Pressure
026.Bones 027.Puzzle 028.Fool 029.Magic 030.Priest
031.Imperial 032.Chariot 033.Strength 034.Hermit 035.Wheel
036.Hanged 037.Change 038.Temperance 039.Chains 040.Tower
041.Polarity 042.Lunacy 043.Sun 044.Judgement 045.World
046.Stench 047.Key 048.Nail 049.Shoe 050.Bridge
051.Thread 052.Sheets 053.Pearl 054.Shine 055.Tea
056.Knot 057.Echo 058.Cake 059.Whole 060.Palm
061.Reach 062.Lost 063.Mist 064.Forgettable 065.First
066.Grit 067.Layers 068.Rendezvous 069.Roots 070.Small
071.Unrequited 072.Simple 073.Maybe 074.Cherish 075.Lopsided
076.Wishbone 077.Us 078.Them 079.Twilight 080.Festival
081.Hunch 082.Music 083.Prospect 084.Destiny 085.City
086.Glory 087.Disaster 088.Dinosaur 089.Crusade 090.Accident
091.Calendar 092.Clock 093.Chart 094.Dial 095.Map
096.Writer‘s Choice 097.Writer‘s Choice 098.Writer‘s Choice 099.Writer‘s Choice 100.Writer‘s Choice

action, adventure, alternate universes, analyzing characters, androids, angel/spike/xander, angel/xander, animal instinct, apollo/midnighter, arthur/eames, asps, azumi tooru, b.a./murdoch, bad movies, battle axes, biker mice from mars, bio booster armor guyver, biting, bondage, boy blue, bull whips, by any means necessary, cbt, chains, character development, choices, communication, constructive criticism, critical thinking, crossovers, cybernetics, cyborgs, dae jang geum, depression, exosquad, fables, fairy tales, fantasy, fighting, folk lore, frost/frankie, garcia/lynch, gargoyles, gatchaman, genetics, h50 slash, hannibal/face, hardison/parker, haven, hawaii five-o, honor, icons, ikki/shun, independence, intelligent fandom, interior decorating, interracial couples, jane/maura, jim/blair, kai tsurugi, kink, knights, knives, kurama/hiei, latigo y daga, legends, leonardo/raphael, leverage, liam neeson, magic, male chastity, manipulation, martyrs, matt/mohinder, mermaid scar, moving, mutation, muzzles, mystical elements, myths, ninja turtles, ninjas, nonverbal communication, nursery rhymes, originality, parallel universes, paris/kim, pirates of darkwater, plots, predators, psychology, questioning reality, reason, reviews, rizzoli & isles, ronin warriors, science fiction, side kicks, single tail whips, space fighters, space: above and beyond, spanking, spike/xander, spreader bars, starships, static shock, steve/danny, street fighter, swords, t.c. mcqueen, tactics, the a-team movie, the authority, the black knight manga, the dead zone, the sentinel, thievery, throwing knives, time travel, unconventional fighting techniques, villains, virgil/richie, weapons, worm holes, yoroiden samurai troopers, yu yu hakusho, ♂♂